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Counting on You is a song featured in High School Musical: On Stage! and "High School Musical: The Ice Tour". It features Chad, the basketball team, Taylor and the decathalon team, singing as they try to convince Troy and Gabriella not to do the call-backs. This song is not featured in the film, though it is a bonus song on the High School Musical: Sing It! game.


Troy and Gabriella:
Sorry I'm late!

Not good enough, captain!

Not good enough, Gabriella!

Get ya head in the game!

There's a choice that you have to make.

And it's pretty plain to see.

You're either out or in

Taylor:You either lose or win

Are you gonna turn your back on history

On the legend that you're apart of

On the job that you were born to do

Don't let us down
You gotta come through,
'Cause we're counting on counting on
Counting on you

I don't think so

Chad & Jocks:
Check out the champions who played before
Hail the hero that you could be

Taylor & Nerds:
And put away that dream
Cause there's no "I" in team
And the sacrifice is worth it
We all agree

You just have to keep your focus

And forget about you-know-who

Don't let us down
You've gotta come through
'Cause we're counting on you

You're next in line
You're born of the chain
And now that we can make it
Don't break it

You're the heir apparent
That's what everyone says
Indira Ghandi
Rosa Parks
Amelia Earhart
To Gabriella Montez
Gabriella Montez

(Jocks: Bolton Bolton Bolton Bolton Bolton)

Now the pressure is way up high
Which way are you gonna go
You gonna sing a song
Or are you gonna be strong

Trade your fantasies in for the thing you know
The destiny you've been handed
The only thing that you can do
Don't let us down

You gotta come through
'Cause we're counting on you
Now we're counting on you
We're counting on you
So don't let us down

We gotta come through
We're counting on
Counting on
Counting on
Counting on



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