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Drew Seeley is a Canadian singer and actor who has recorded many songs for the Walt and Disney Company. Drew was born on April 30, 1982 in Ottawa, Ontario. He really became famous when it was revealed that his voice was blended with the voice of Zac Efron (who portrays the character Troy Bolton for the Disney Channel Original Movie, High School Musical) as well as on the movie soundtrack. At first, however, he was uncredited in the movie. However, it was eventually revealed that he did most of Troy's singing. He also sang in the HSM Concert, taking Zac's place as Zac was busy filming for the new movie, "Hairspray". But Drew only sang for the first High School Musical Movie.

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Drew's voice wasn't as noticeable in the movie. As his voice fit perfectly with Zac Efron. But in the song "Breaking Free", we heard obvious differences between Zac's and Drew's singing.  

People began to make rumours that Drew was angry towards Zac because Zac was supposedly not allowed to tell anyone about the voice blending. But, soon they gave Drew credit and also cleared all rumors. Drew continued pursuing his music career and Zac did all singing vocals in both High School Musical 2 and 3.

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