High School Musical On Broadway is at the Broadway Theater in Manhattan, New York City. by kids for kids. It stars Sierra Bogess as Mrs. Darbus and Gavin Lee as Coach Bolton. The show would star the youngest kids who are adorable: Jason Kurtzwitz(The Sound of Music,Les Miserables) is chosen to be Troy Bolton the other understudies for Troy are: Ryan Garund(Les Miserables 25th Anniversary), Ben Tyler Perry(Les Miserables 25th Anniversary), and Jake Ryan Sell(Les Miserables 25th Anniversary). Avery Alyssa Jones(Les Miserables/Anastasia the new musical) is chosen to be Sharpay Evans. the understudies for Sharpay are: Lillie Armstrong(Matilda the musical), Mia Kaludos, and Ruby Smith. Marcus Johnson is chosen to be Ryan Evans.The understudies are: Jackson Williams, Brian Davis, and Cody Moore. Georgia Dorris is chosen to be brainiac Gabriella Montez. The understudies are: Emma White, Abbie Wilson, and Adrianna Wier. Sky Gonzalez is chosen to be Taylor McKessie, Gabriella's BFF. The understudies are: Maya Garcia, Jenny Hernandez, and Anya Meyer. Chad would be played by Evan McDonald. The understudies are Matt Emmerson, John Dollison, and Michael Walker. That's the main cast here are the supporting cast:

Sofia Breaker is Kelsi Nielson, a talented pianist

Ryan Thompson is Zeke Baylor

Thomas Carlton is Jason Cross

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