Martha Cox is an East High student. She is also a member of the school's national decathalon team. In High School Musical, it is revealed that hip-hop dancing is her passion.


Physical Appearance

Martha Cox is morbidly obese.

High School Musical

In the song Stick to the Status Quo Martha reveals that even though she is morbidly obese, she is an amazing hip-hop dancer.

High School Musical 2

Martha works at the Lava Springs country club as part of the kitchen staff. She is notorious for stealing the high-calorie foods.

High School Musical 3: Senior Year

Martha becomes a cheerleader because the school decided to set "accepting standards" and even the obese students make the team. She attends prom with Jason Cross and participates in a final musical with her friends.


  • She was supposed to be a one shot character in the Stick to the Status Quo song, but was brought back by popular demand.
  • Her birthday is stated as two different days in the books.
  • She is morbidly obese.


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