Oliver Oscar Oken was one of the main protagonists of Hannah Montana, and became a recurring character on the "Suite Life" and "Wizards of Waverly Place" series.

Previously, he was the best friend of Miley Stewart (Hannah Montana) and Lilly Truscott (Lola Luftnagle), as well as a aspiring guitarist. He loved to sing like his friend, Miley, and in his spare time, he listens to his favrioute band, Coldplay, as they inspired him when he was a little kid. Everyday, Oliver would find himself in crazy situations along with his friends, and makes a lot of romances during the show. He graduates from Seaview High School, around 2011, and attended college, and at one point, went to High School Diploma. Later, he became the boyfriend to Lilly, and will become her future husband.

He met Sharpay Evans, Troy Bolton, Chad Danforth, Gabriella Montez ,Ryan Evans and Taylor McKessie in a special-crossover, entitled High School Musical Meets Hannah Montana, when the cast of HSM teach the cast of HM, dance moves from the movie.

He is portrayed by Mitchell Musso.


Early Years

Oliver was born on July 3, 1992 in Canada, to Nancy Oken and a unnamed father. A few months later, he met Miley (Hannah) and Lilly (Lola) at Kindergarten, and then they became best friends. Years later, his unnamed brother was born, possibly around 2001.