The Sharpettes are Sharpay's backup singers and friends. They all appear in Fabulous, Humuhumunukanuka'apua'a, You Are the Music In Me (Sharpay Version), Everyday, and All For One. Tanya Chisholm plays Jackie (the African-American), Kelli Baker plays Lea (the red-head), and McCall Clark plays Emma (the blonde).


Physical Apperances

High School Musical 2

Sharpay will do whatever it takes to get Troy. Zeke tries as hard as he can to get her. He baked her biscuits and creme brulee. She has a small group called the Sharpettes who are her back-up singers in the second film. Their names are Jackie, Lea and Emma. Miss. Evans loves to wear glamorous designer clothes ever and loves the colour pink! Pink skirts, pink ties, pink prom dress and a pink hair band - don't forget the pink car! Sharpay is very devious. She has a male Mini Yorkshire Terrier named Boi and Sharpay loves to dress him with glossy bows in amongst his long hair. One day she wants to go to Hollywood, Las Vegas and New York City to be in shows on broadway. It is implied that her brother, Ryan Evans, has a crush on fellow student and Lava Springs temporary pianist, Kelsi.


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