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  • I live in My imaginary world to escape my reality one. And I
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    If any of you would like to contact me personally, you can do so on any of the following conjoining wikis:

    How to Train Your Dragon Wiki:

    Riordan Wiki:

    Pokémon Wiki:

    Friend Code: 5172-0096-6469

    Hunger Games Wiki:

    You can also contact me and read any of my stories on the following links as well.



    This is just a game website, and if you play on it, let me know! Add me!


    Pokemon Wiki Discord:

    I do have a Discord server, which you can find here:

    You can try joining through the app, which you can download on Google Play, or try through the website,

    If I'm not on when you join, you'll only be able to see three channels and speak in two. You'll have to wait until I get on to add a role to you.

    QR codes for Pokémon:
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  • Annabeth and Percy

    Well, everybody, it's happening. High School Musical 4 is being made! Oh, I can't wait to see it, even though it probably won't air for another year. What do you guys think about it? Do you think it'll be better than the first three movies? I don't, because none of the original actors are going to be in it, and that really sucks. But I'll still watch it.

    If any of you guys are interested in auditioning for it, assuming you're between the ages of 14-17, you can check out this to audition for it. I am still 17, but only for another month, and even if I wasn't I wouldn't audition for many reasons. But that doesn't mean you can't!

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  • Annabeth and Percy

    Hey, guys. The admins on this wiki have gone inactive and have been for a long time. I really like High School Musical, and I am attempting to adopt this wiki and get admin rights to continue to fix this up and add the proper information to the pages as well as get rid of the spam and vandalism.

    So I was wondering what you guys think about me adopting this wiki? Let mw know in the comments below, and, please, no comments that are just spams and unrelated to this blog.

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